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Kileen Prather was born in 1947 in Superior, Wisconsin.  She is a mother of two boys, Frank & Rick, and grandmother of a little girl, Isabel.  She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in History and a Masters in School Librarianship from Central Michigan University. Before becoming a writer she was a School Librarian for twenty-one years and has been a Tour Manager since 1998.  She usually travels in at least thirty five states a year and meets wonderful travelers from all over the country who have given her inspiration for her stories.  She presently divides her time between Texas and Wisconsin.

People who have experienced life over the years are the focus for her books in these modern day romance stories.  Their hearts and souls are constantly developing and growing due to the simple fact that they have “lived".  The mature reader can relate to the characters' hopes and dreams due to their age, relationships, and experiences.  Younger readers can learn what it is like to face life while dealing with its challenges or possibly relate it to someone in their lives.  Her stories take place in various locales in the United States since mature adults have experienced travel, like to travel, or at least dream about going to different places.  These characters are ordinary people struggling with issues aging adults have to face such as changing spousal relationships, parental concerns, or illnesses.  Many women and men find themselves divorced or widowed after twenty-five, thirty-five, or even forty-five years of marriage.  These devastating experiences seem to halt life as they know it.  They often don’t believe it is possible to start all over again or lead a fulfilling life.  They need to know that “living” takes place and "romance is possible" no matter what your age.