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Having been unhappily married over thirty years, Nikki is a tour manager who travels all over the country.  This allows her to escape the trauma and sadness of her home life.  Her husband, a heavy smoker, had a series of strokes which affected him physically as well as emotionally.  Ted, living under the guise of negativity all his life, not only has lost all joy in living but resents Nikki’s health and happiness.  On a tour to the Pacific Northwest, Nikki meets a motorcoach driver who has commitment issues.  She and Chase establish a bond as friends and begin to open up to each other during their travels.  Through a series of circumstances, Nikki finds herself living on a houseboat in Seattle the following summer, as she tours all over the West.  She and Chase once again connect and a no strings, short-term relationship ensues.  Follow Nikki and Chase as they share adventures and journey all over the Pacific Northwest.  Will the circumstances in their lives ever allow Nikki and Chase to share a long term relationship or is their growing affection bound to take them down a path of grief and pain?