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Three couples take a journey of a lifetime as they explore the stunning vistas of the Western United States.  Riding on the California Zephyr, Coast Starlight, and Empire Builder, a wonderful cast of characters discover National Parks, big cities and the Pacific Coast.  Along the way they encounter a myriad of feelings and experiences including joy, frustration, struggles, death and unexpected romance.  Journey On The Rails takes our adventurers from Colorado to San Francisco, up the Oregon Coast to Seattle and back East through Glacier National Park.  Follow them on their amazing escapades on a Pullman train.  Riley and Phoebe are widows who were happily married.  Their husbands died from medical conditions, including Alzheimers.  The two men, lifelong friends, were unhappily married.  Tony dealt with a compulsive spender and Hugh’s wife suffered from anorexia, which ultimately killed her.  The two men have serious commitment issues.  None of them are looking for relationships even though Phoebe’s aunt and uncle, who are traveling with them, model what a wonderful bond they could experience being together.  Along the way on their cross country adventure they discover romance, and surrender their hold on the past, opening their hearts to new possibilities and accepting love the second time around.