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JOURNEY TO PORT (paperback)


Two towns, one in Michigan and one in Wisconsin, both on the shores of Lake Michigan, figure prominently in the backdrop of these tales of marital infidelity.  Over one hundred fifty years ago a burning sinking ship sends Anne from Wisconsin to Michigan to start an inn.  Her son, Jesse, and eventually her grandson, try to discover Anne's secret past.  The mystery seems lost to time until several generations later.  Alexi, a descendant of Anne's, is shocked to discover her thirty plus year marriage is over.  The devastating knowledge and subsequent divorce, due to her husband's affair with a much younger woman, forces Alexi to reevaluate her direction in life.  Moving to Wisconsin to search for clues to her ancestor's past, opens doors and leads to a new future, Alexi never dreamed was possible.  Mature readers can identify with Alexi's quest for meaning in her new world when starting over as she discovers a fulfilling life and romance is indeed possible no matter how old you are.