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After twenty-seven years of marriage which results in a nasty divorce and then her motherís untimely death from breast cancer, Fiona Noonan decides to concentrate on her career as a travel commentator.  Cruising to the Bahamas with similar writers she meets Devlin OíNeill, another travel journalist and a man seven years her junior.  Following a mysterious death at sea, towards the end of the voyage, the two are once again surprisingly thrown together as they travel all over the Yucatan Peninsula on another working assignment.  Deciding they can only be friends due to their past relationship issues, neither of them wants to take the next step, until a catastrophe onboard ship ensues.  Realizing they are lucky to be alive, they take their friendship to the next level.  Will their life changing issues allow them to have a long term relationship?  As they try to unravel the questions surrounding the mysterious death, will their affection for each other turn into a deep enduring love or will they walk away before a satisfying commitment can be found?  Journey with Fiona and Devlin as they travel through the Bahamian islands and trek the Mayan ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula as they discover it is possible to get a second chance to satisfy their secret wishes and dreams.