Suddenly Senior

After Fifty Living

From CHN Online

When she writes, ro-mance sweeps Kileen Prather away from Port Washington, her condominium, its monochromatic siding and her average Midwestern life...

From Midwest Book Review

Hopes and dreams never truly die, but are pushed to the side. "Journey Beckons" tells the tale of Cassie as she finds herself in the city of Seattle one sumer. When she meets Ryan, her life may radically change. She has little idea what the future will bring her when romance sparks once more. "Journey Beckons" is a fine read many women will relish and relate to.

From San Francisco Book Review

In "Journey Bekcons", Prather excels at scene-setting; the reader cannot help but to appreciate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest by the time they turn that final page. One truly feels for Cassie's plight-- married to a man who refuses to live, while desperately in love with a man trapped in his own marital hell. The supporting characters are genuinely interesting and entertaining. To be quite frank, it's lovely to see a romance in which the main character is a woman outside of her twenties. The genre of older romantic heroines is a long-time coming, and the author is wise to fill this otherwise neglected niche. Prather is definitely an author to watch.

Reader Reviews

Just finished reading your book. Loved it! I started the book a few days before we left for Seattle. It was like I was following Cassie and Ryan because your description of the area was so precise. Look forward to your next book as well. CK

I REALLY liked your book. I honestly believe that you are gifted and that your subjects (the over the hill gang) would be a popular buy for those of us who move a little slower and are looking for a good romance series. Keep your chin up and continue to do those things you do best. GS

You told a very interesting story in this book! The details you gave concerning traveling in the Pacific Northwest proves that you have actually been to those places yourself. It was easy to identify with Cassie and Ryan and I stayed up late last night reading it as I needed to find out if they would be able to get together again! The ending took me by surprise. JL

I am so glad I purchased your book. Believe it or not it helped me think through some things about my husband that I hadn't thought of before. I love it! I sat down and basically did nothing but read. Keep up the great work. CP

I reread your book the day after we got home. Enjoyed it even better the second time. Found it was not only a romance but also a travel log. GG

Kileen, I just finished your book. It was difficult to put down as I am a romantic. What a beautiful story. CF

Kileen - What can I say. I read your novel 'Journey Beckons' as soon as I returned from the trip. You are remarkable. The sequence of events all leading to the conclusion, the character developement, easy to follow events, good character descriptions, and just a beautiful story. I wanted the two main characters to at least call one another once in a while after returning to their spouses but alas that would not have worked. If all of your novels are anything like this one - you are well on the way. I cannot say enough good about this book - even the cover is well chosen. CA