It's frustrating having the desire to write, but not knowing for certain how to begin.  One winter day, I was driving in Chicago and had a flat tire.  It was 20 degrees below zero and as I waited at a garage for my car to be fixed, I pulled out my computer and began writing about my adventures as a tour manager the previous summer and fall.  Before I knew it, a story began to take shape and when people who read what I had written asked “what happens next?”, I knew I had to continue.  It doesn’t seem to matter what you think or feel unless you are in your twenties or thirties, at least according to today’s media standards.  Being told there was very little romance in the lives of the baby boomers, the so called “young at heart”, is what spurred me to write about that exact subject.

Some agents and reviewers told me that even if there was some romance among the older crowd, no one would be interested in reading about it.  That along with the encouragement of my friends who kept asking for more stories, helped me to decide to publish, even if I had to do so on my own.  After a difficult divorce following a 36-year marriage, I would listen to tales from my tour members and realized that many were suffering similar situations with divorce, loneliness, the death of a loved one or complications from illness.  I decided to combine my travels with concerns people faced as they age.  It was amazing when readers would say, “I thought I was the only one going through that.”  My novels read like travelogues as well as deal with matters mature readers encounter.

Travel exposes you to look at the world in a broader way and for those who cannot afford to travel, you get a glimpse of another world that perhaps one day you might experience.  One friend said, “I travelled to Seattle and went to the same places as Cassie & Ryan.  It was so much fun to follow in their footsteps.”  The mature reader can relate to my characters’ hopes and dreams due to their age, relationships and experiences.  Second romances are a way of life, especially as people live longer today.  Sometimes these couples are married and sometimes, for various reasons, they are not.  Look at dating sites today.  There are many people past their twenties and thirties looking for love or companionship.  No matter what your age, romance is definitely on the rise and as the lyrics of one song suggests, “love is sometimes wasted on the young.”